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Q & A

What is "Tiny Humans"?

It's a collaborative book made up of ten stories, five illustrations, a poem, and an interview, almost all by different people.

What it is about? 

Simply put, it's about being human. All of the stories are personal and honest, inspiring in their own way.

Why the title "Tiny Humans"?

Aren't we all tiny in the face of the universe? 

Who contributed to the book?

Stories by: Kayla Frost - Ashley Abbey - Jim Adkins - Kelly Vaughn - Maya Tuttle - Michael Carter - Sierra Kusterbeck - Chuck Morriss - Joe Soeller

Illustrations by: Matt McAdow - Bethany Grace - Zay Shaeffer - Kenneth Srivijittakar - Hagen Marley

Interviews of: Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) and Lisa Brown

Why are there five different options for buying the book?

A donation is built in to every book price. I set $12 as the lowest price for the book, which includes a $5 donation. The other prices are there for people who want to and are able to donate more.

What are the donations going toward?

They will help Vin, a Cambodian boy I taught in 2013, go to college. Without help, he might not get the opportunity to go, and it's something he really wants to do. Any money raised beyond $2,300 — approximately the amount necessary to complete a bachelor's degree in Cambodia — will be donated to the school Honour Village Cambodia to help other children. 

When will the book be shipped? 

As soon as possible after you order it.