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Stories by: Kayla Frost - Ashley Abbey - Jim Adkins - Kelly Vaughn - Maya Tuttle - Michael Carter - Sierra Kusterbeck - Chuck Morriss - Joe Soeller

Illustrations by: Matt McAdow - Bethany Grace - Zay Shaeffer - Kenneth Srivijittakar - Hagen Marley

Interviews of: Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) and Lisa Brown

* * *

A note from Kayla Frost:

For those of you who have been following along on Facebook and whatnot, you know that my collaborative book “Tiny Humans” has been a long time coming. It was, in fact, March of 2014 when the idea came into my mind. Now, the book is almost ready to go to print and I am so excited to finally hold a copy in my hands and flip through the pages. I can’t thank the contributors enough for their inspiring, thought-provoking, beautiful stories and art. Eight people, besides myself, wrote stories for “Tiny Humans,” and four people contributed art (all listed below). An interview I did with author Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) and illustrator Lisa Brown will also appear in the book. I am so happy with how everything turned out.

When I began, I didn’t know how it would all come together. The thought of creating a book from start to finish seemed beyond my skill level. I’d never acted as an editor, barely knew how to use InDesign, and didn’t know of any companies who’d print a book like mine. Every detail presented another challenge. But, step by step, it’s all worked out. That’s something I’ve learned by making “Tiny Humans”: You have to chip at a challenge one piece at a time. If you try to attack all of the steps at once, or get lost thinking about all of the reasons you might fail, it will likely become too overwhelming and you might never begin. I’m glad I didn’t let self-doubt demolish this idea, because I truly believe you all will love it.

All of the proceeds from “Tiny Humans” will be set aside for the college education of a boy in Cambodia, Vin, who became like my little brother during the seven weeks I taught at his school. I can’t wait to return to Cambodia this fall and hand-deliver a book to him with the news that his college fees will be paid for, as this is something he really wants. And of course I will share with all of you how that goes. Every penny that isn’t spent on printing/putting together the book and PayPal fees will be put into Vin’s fund. Any money raised beyond $2,300 — approximately the amount necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in Cambodia — will be donated to Honour Village, the school I taught at, to help increase the quality of life and opportunities for other children. In case you want to donate more than the built-in minimum of $5 per book, I added price tiers to the pre-order page to make that easier.

“Tiny Humans” is available now. The book was printed and hand made by Tiny Splendor Press in Los Angeles. (That's a lot of tiny.)

Thank you again, so much. Your support means more than I can describe. 

Contact: kaylakfrost@gmail.com