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Tiny Humans Book ($20 donation)

$27.25 / Sold Out

What you'll get:
-A copy of the collaborative book Tiny Humans — 72 pages of written and illustrated glory. All of the proceeds will be set aside for the college education of a boy in Cambodia, which means that $20 from your purchase will be considered a donation. Any funds raised beyond $2,300 — approximately the amount necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in Cambodia — will be donated to a school called Honour Village to help increase the quality of life and opportunities available for other children.

-A specially designed, handwritten thank you card for your generosity.

I will ship the book as soon as possible after I get your order. Thank you!

Stories by:
Kayla Frost - Ashley Abbey - Jim Adkins - Kelly Vaughn - Maya Tuttle - Michael Carter - Sierra Kusterbeck - Chuck Morriss - Joe Soeller

Illustrations by:
Matt McAdow - Bethany Grace - Zay Shaeffer - Kenneth Srivijittakar

US shipping: $5
Canada shipping: $9
International shipping: $13 (sorry, that is the cheapest I can ship it)